Custom Cottages and Homes

Custom Cottages

Our love for cottages came to us when we lived on Saltspring Island. We built a cottage in the woods all milled from the wood on our land. We logged with a belgian horse, and used recycled building materials for almost everything else.

After having two children we decided Saltspring was too secluded and we moved to Victoria. We soon started missing the country again, and stumbled upon a cottage co-op on the koksilah river near Shawnigan lake. We built a cottage, and I guess it was a hit because we got the contracts to build five more. We helped with the design process, and worked with the owners to come up with some very different cottages. We love the arts and crafts style, and working with natural materials. Our timber framed lofts, have become the "appleford" signature. The cottages gave us a chance to use old-fashioned building techniques, but with modern codes.